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From: Bob  Mazi-arka

To Your Future Successes

Are you tired of all the hype about making money online and throwing your hands up in frustration, day after day? Always hearing about this method or that method and how you will become instantly rich? Well

Don't do what i did!

     I have to tell you... I've made more mistakes than I care to admit. I've bought tons of products... wasted tons of time... and have been so frustrated, I wanted pull the plug and throw my laptop, my desktop and all the external drives out the window, more than once.

I spent so much time chasing magic buttons, magic bulletts, 5 clikers and pies-in-the-sky, that I hate even looking back and thinking about it now.

     It's easy to do. It's easy to chase fast talkin GURU types with fancy videos sites with fantastic earning claims. There's so many good sounding promises out there... so many things that sound easy and are hyped as no-brainers. I don't think that I'm alone either. Maybe you've even done the same things. 

ON to better things. 

What if I could show you a way to generate an extra income that’s legitimate?  This is a method that’s growing at an fantastic rate with all signs showing that it will continue into the future, for a long time to come.

This is a proven business model with one of the largest companies in the world, Amazon!

This probably is  one of the Hottest Niche Markets on the Web?
 Top researchers have indicated that nearly $1 billion dollars worth of ebooks were sold last year and by the year 2015 that number is expected to grow to over $3 billion dollars...

After extensive research a Killer product was developed that will show you how you can make money online as a Kindle Publisher. With this product you are shown how to  generate non-stop Kindle Sales month after month on autopilot.

The Secret for Generating a Long Term Passive Income is Here...

"The How To Kindle Publishing System"

Lets take a closer Look at the How To Kindle Publishing System
 and What You Will Be Learning Today...

The Videos

Module 1:

Learn the differences between traditional and self publishing...

1.     To understand the fundamental differences between  traditional and self publishing  

2.    To differentiate the economical advantages posed by the two respective publishing methods

Module 2:

Learn about the Kindle Bookstore and what it is...

1.     An introduction and understanding on the operations of Kindle Bookstore

2.    To understand the value of the Kindle Bookstore

3.    An overview of how to publish on the Kindle Bookstore

Module 3:

Learn how to understand your readers and what they expect...

1.   To develop an understanding of the different reader groups.

2.   To understand the importance of reader oriented writing.

Learn how to catagorize the different reader groups and write for them

Module 4:

Learn if you should target a specific Niche Audience or use...

1 To develop an understanding on the differences between going mainstream and targeting a niche

2    To understand the potential that each of the approaches have

Module 5:

Learn about Kindle pricing Strategies...

1.   To develop an understanding on customer expectation for eBooks

2.   To develop an understanding on what constitutes the cost for an eBook

3.   To develop an understanding on the pricing strategies with eBooks

Module 6:

Learn about Professional or Self Editing methods and what is best...

1.   To develop an understanding on editing

2.   To differentiate self editing and professional editing

Module 7:

Learn about the Importance of Creating Attention Grabbing ecovers...

1.     To develop an understanding on the significance of eBook covers

2.    To gain understanding on how to get good designers at low cost

Module 8:

Learn about using Specific advertising Techniques to promote your Kindle ebook...

1.    To develop awareness of various methods available

2.    To understand the differences between the various methods

Module 9:

Learn Step by Step How to Publish your ebook on the KDI Network...

1.     To understand the steps to publish on Kindle

2.    A walkthrough of the process for publishing on Kindle

Module 10:

Final Recap and Summary, Bringing it all together...  

There is a huge amount of information in this package.  This recap brings it all together  and assists you to release that BOOK that's been hiding in the recesses  of your subconscious. Bring it on.

Determining who your readers and target audience will be is probably one of the most important aspects of writing as it establishes the direction you will be going in. You need to know who you are going to be writing for so you need to get this identified right from the start and much, much more

 A full set of audios included as well as the MP4 files Plus 10 special bonuses

You can Succeed As an Author with this system
and it can be easier than you think


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Do Not Hesitate,  it has been said that
There is a book hiding in every person just waiting to come out

To Your future successes..............
Bob Mazi-arkamaz pix

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